A week of discovery…

This week has been a week of discovery for me…

I have discovered that the awfulness of having partly digested spaghetti and meatballs vomited all over me multiple times is far outweighed by the loveliness of comforting my little man as he presses his hot, vulnerable body into mine.

I have discovered the importance of good quality paper towels. We ran out a few hours before the vomiting commenced. We shall never, ever run out again.

I have discovered that a Nana who will leave Garden Club early to come and look after her sick grandchildren so her daughter can rush off to work is worth her weight in gold.

I have discovered that I LOVE having Thursdays off. Because no matter what happens on Wednesday (for example, rushing to work late still smelling vaguely like vomit and finding out that my boss has resigned just seven weeks after hiring me), on Thursdays I get to play doctors and watch Thomas the Tank Engine.

I have discovered that despite their similarities, and despite the fact that for a very long time I have been unable to tell them apart, Thomas, Edward and Gordon all look very different. Who knew?

I have discovered that the Fat Controller could do with some coaching on how to get the best from his people. Or engines. For example, I believe he could afford to say please and thank you every now and then. I know he’s just asking them to do their jobs, but a little common courtesy goes a long way in my opinion… Thank goodness all the engines really, really want to be useful because otherwise the Fat Controller’s leadership skills (or lack thereof) might start to become a real issue for the people of Sodor.

I have discovered that no matter how many Thomas the Tank Engine episodes one watches with her sick children, they will still want to watch more.

And finally, I have discovered that if you and your husband are planning to renovate an Old Queenslander and each of you independently feels the need to Google the meaning of “balustrade”, it is impossible to escape the nagging feeling that trouble is afoot…


7 thoughts on “A week of discovery…

  1. Your comments about the Fat Controller really made me laugh…takes me back to my Thomas the Tank days – we even went to an open day and saw the “real” trains and I can confirm that Thomas, Edward and Gordon do look very different!

    • I think a trip to see the real Thomas is heading our way. I admit to being quite excited by the prospect… Sad to think one day soon Thomas will no longer be a part of our world. Although I think I’ll miss Peppa Pig the most… 🙂

  2. I’m wondering how many other blogs are tagged in Parenting, Life, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fat Controller, Sodor, Vomit and Renovations. Quite an interesting array of topics there, Charlotte!! As for the Fat Controller, I always got the impression that Mrs Hatt (yes, it is with a double t…..I also make good use of google!) wore the pants at home and he felt it necessary to exert his manliness down at Tidmouth Sheds (without ever actually opening his mouth of course!).

    • Indeed…
      In fact, if anyone out there googles such a combination, have a guess what comes up FIRST in the list?! That’s right – Charlotte’s Musings! Have I found my niche at last???

      • Actually, on closer inspection, it is your comment that comes up first! Thank you, “Anonymous”, for boosting this blog to such stratospheric heights. My readership is no doubt about to explode…

  3. Oops, that was from me. Gosh, imagine taking the time to respond only to have all the kudos go to Anonymous!!

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