Finally, a tidy house…

After two years of slogging it out as enjoying life as a stay at home Mum, I decided the time had come for me to return to the (paid) workforce. (See Universe, are you trying to tell me something?)

Then, after cleverly securing an excellent child care solution, I procrastinated for months until it became so close to the end of the year (August) that waiting until the New Year to start the job search seemed the only logical solution. (I may look back on the second half of 2012 as though it were a wonderful dream…)

Anyway, by pure good fortune (and the generosity of a lovely friend of mine who happened to talk me up to her work colleague at an opportune time) not only did I secure myself a job just in time for the dawn of the new year, I also had a further month to enjoy the knowledge that I had a job, without having to actually do the job. Nirvana.

During this time, Hubby and I agreed that with him working interstate three days a week and me now working for four, some form of outside help might be useful in order for us to maintain a happy existence.

We identified a good nanny agency and set about engaging them to help us find someone who could do school and child care pick up duties as well as organise bath-time and the kids’ dinner – all that night-time stuff.

But then one day while out grocery shopping I had an epiphany…

I like all that stuff! What I don’t like is the other stuff. Somehow dinner doesn’t feel as relaxing when we’re sitting among a three week old pile of folding. Bath-time isn’t quite the same when I’m too preoccupied with the state of the bathroom to focus on blowing bubbles with the soap (I excel in this area and I don’t mind saying so). We didn’t need a nanny, I thought…. We needed a HOUSEKEEPER!!

alice brady

I rushed back home to share my insight with Hubby. It took me a while to talk him around. I had to convince myself as well. It seemed so decadent, luxurious, ridiculous even. Still, we mustn’t have struggled with the concept that badly since two days later we had hired someone. She started last Tuesday and is to come three hours a day, four days a week.

Today was my fifth day on the job. So far I am enjoying it. The people seem nice, the work should be interesting, and I have a lovely office with a nice big window (overlooking a swamp, to be sure, but you can’t have everything…).

More importantly, I am really enjoying having a housekeeper. Coming home to a clean house, dinner waiting in the fridge, the washing folded and put away… Let’s just say – before, I thought I needed the housekeeper so I could do the job. Now I realise I needed the job so I could have the housekeeper.

Looking back, it seems so obvious…

Photo credit: Loungerie via Photopin


12 thoughts on “Finally, a tidy house…

  1. I LOVE so many things about this post.

    1. You’re still posting while working outside the house
    2. The distinction between a housekeeper and a nanny (and the pic of Alice)
    3. That your pile of laundry appears to be diminishing
    4. That your sense of humour is still in tact!

    However – I’d be interested more in the whole pick up and drop off part of your life. I’m about to outsource it all, because it is such a thankless, valueless and stressful part of the day – if someone could do it all for me, I’m sure I’d be a nicer person when we all sit down for dinner! Keep writing Charlotte – I’m loving it!

    • Thanks Em! I LOVE that you not only liked my post but also listed each of the things that you love in point form… (that’s my kind of comment!)
      I agree the drop off / pick up job is a stressful one. But when I weighed that stress up against the stress of walking into our house each night and not being quite sure whether we had been ransacked… well, the latter won out. If only we had the means to outsource everything! xx

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying being back at work – just a teensy bit jealous! From experience, I can tell you that having the housekeeper is wonderful, it is when you no longer have a housekeeper and then your shortcomings in that arena become magnified – pre a housekeeper, I somehow coped, post a housekeeper – domestic slut!

  3. I’ve asked my husband for a boy to do the house keeping on many occasions. So far it hasn’t happened. I must pull my finger out and get one of those things you call a job.

    • I would have thought that in order to “prepare” for the getting of the job, you should hire the “house boy” now. That way, he will be fully trained up by the time you find the perfect role for you… 🙂

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