The simple things in life…

It is very hot in Brisbane right now, and it is particularly so in our house. As helpfully pointed out by our architect, our house design sucks. If you want to enter our kitchen it must be at your own risk. The temperature rises by about 10 degrees. After a few minutes sweat starts to trickle, and tempers start to flare.

After five minutes in our kitchen one’s mind starts to be affected. Air-conditioning must be sought at any cost. Nothing else matters.

And so it was that we packed our children into the car last Saturday at around 2pm. We needed immediate respite, so we headed to our local Westfield shopping centre. Unfortunately the car park was packed to pre Xmas levels, and the air conditioning inside was struggling under the strain. With the sole exception of the far corner of Target (among the camping goods), no relief was to be had.

So we headed back to the car. Unsatisfied. And crankily hot.

We found ourselves driving aimlessly, enjoying the car’s air-conditioning, and shaking our collective groove to Party Rock Anthem. (It’s a phase we’re going through.)

Then Hubby had a great idea: Automatic Car Wash

We drove for some time before we found what we were looking for. But find it we did. I know it sounds sad to say I haven’t had as much fun in a long time, but I’ll be honest – I haven’t. The girls loved it, and Hubby and I felt nostalgic for a simpler time as we listened to their squeals of delight. There is nothing quite as exciting as the darkness that descends upon the car just before the enormous scrubbing sponges swish soap all over the windows. Little Man was a bit nonplussed, but for the rest of us it was the best 10 minutes of summer…


The heat wave continues.  Yesterday our quest for air-conditioning took us tenpin bowling. Hubby won.

The car wash was way better.


4 thoughts on “The simple things in life…

    • Oh my goodness. Well, the grass is always greener. (Although not literally, since here the grass is brown.) Minus 15 is very hard for me to fathom though – not sure I could cope with that… Good luck keeping warm! !

  1. We lived in Phoenix AZ for about a year. Lost electricity for a bit and thought we’d suffocate. We window-shopped the local grocery store’s frozen food aisle. We do whatever it takes . . .

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