My niece turned three last week. She wanted a pony for her birthday. But my sister decided against it. How mean…

Instead she got a pony ride. Well, several pony rides. And this little fellow gave her a great big smile.

Tilly's Birthday 2013 104

“Hey there!” he shouted across the barn. “I’d sing you Happy Birthday, but unfortunately I can’t because I’m a little hoarse.”

Well, ok, he didn’t say that. Would have been cool though…

Still, lack of talking ponies aside, the birthday party was a LOT of fun. Not being a horsey type myself, I was surprised by the chest swelling pride I felt as I watched my girls trot straight backed around the enclosure (rink? field?). Would their natural ability result in one of them riding the winning horse to victory in the Melbourne Cup circa 2030, or might Hubby and I be condemned to entire days of sleeping upright with our eyes open, dribbling out our mouths as we pretend to watch dressage for hours on end?

Thankfully my troubled thoughts were pushed aside as we tucked into cheezels and watermelon.

Man, I love cheezels…

photo credit- dabblelicious via photopin cc


photo credit: MY SISTER (aka PirateFairy), and Dabblelicious via photopin



6 thoughts on “Giddyup

  1. I hate to say it but I think that the odds lean heavily towards dressage. Two out of your three children are going to be way too tall to be jockeys!! Now, I am allowed to say the following because I am your sister…everyone else will be way too polite. That joke was seriously lame!!!!! (But I admit I did laugh, in a groaning did-she-really-just-say-that kind of way.) Love the pic of Smiley….in lieu of a photo credit I will accept two boxes of Cheezels…or a jar of nutella…why is it that I always find myself craving junk food when I read your blog?

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