Oh Boy…

All of a sudden and for the first time, I feel an affinity with mothers in law the world over, my own included. I can lament the infrequency of their son’s phone calls, I understand their unspoken yet ill-disguised belief that no woman could ever be good enough for their special boy, and I finally concur that any fault their son may have is really just an extremely endearing quality in disguise.

My son is a little wonder, a true delight. I worry that I may love him so much that no woman in his future will ever be able to measure up. Of course, he can’t talk yet and it is possible the advent of backchat may alter my view.

But for now, he is my little angel…

little man

  • I love the way he dances. Our family is going through a Party Rock Anthem phase. This was started by Hubby, and embraced wholeheartedly by our two youngest family members. If I play it on the iPod in our kitchen, I am guaranteed to hear the pitter patter of two sets of little legs as they come running towards me down the hallway. (It’s actually quite convenient.) Little Man dances with his very soul. There is no guile, no pretence, no self consciousness. Just cool moves. He simply feels the music, and lets it flow through his body. I hope Little Man dances like this forever.
  • I love the way he loves being understood. We all love to be well understood, I know. But perhaps as a result of Little Man’s language constraints, when he is understood he responds with pure joy. You would think that after three children, I would be fairly quick on the uptake when Little Man wants something, but it isn’t so. Unfortunately for him I think exhaustion may counteract experience and it can often take some time for me to figure out what all those whines and grunts and tears mean. Then, when I finally get it and give him what he wants – usually milk, food, or (oddly) a tissue to hold while he sucks his thumb – his smile lights up the room. I hope Little Man smiles that smile forever.
  • I love the way he holds his arms out straight towards me and moves his hands from side to side like a windscreen wiper.You know the move – “Cuddle please!” it says. I love it. He does it often, and who can resist? I think this one, though, has a time limit. If Little Man is doing this at 15, I suspect he may get teased. Still, I hope he keeps asking for cuddles in this way for at least another year or so. And I hope he cuddles like a koala forever…

He is only 18 months old, but he has a good handle on the fundamentals: he dances with all of his being, he smiles with pure joy, and he loves nothing more than a good, strong hug. If he keeps this up, it may be hard to keep suitors at bay.

But for now at least, he is all mine…


15 thoughts on “Oh Boy…

  1. Little boys are just delicious!! And while the onset of backchat does detract somewhat from their charms, the thing that makes them who they are…their simple, uncomplicated love and their what-you-see-is-what-you-get natures certainly live on into the preschool years. Having taught 11 and 12 year old boys I can honestly say that they are pretty special too. I make no such promises when it comes to teenagers!! I also have more empathy with mothers-in-law now and I am sure since having a son that I have reminded my husband to call his mum more often. I would be concerned that one day I will be in her position except for the fact that Mr 4 has told me many times that he is living with me forever. Oh and by the way, I LOVE the shirt!!

    • I am so pleased to know I have several years of delight ahead. I know “4” is supposed to be trouble, but at least I can look forward to “uncomplicated” trouble…
      It is true his entire wardrobe comes from you. One day you may see him in a shirt you don’t recognise, but probably not any time soon…

  2. I hear you Charlotte! My little man is in the cute stage too & l love his “GO” call, he then waits for the family to cheer him on as he races from one indiscriminate point to another – of course we obligingly all cheer, high fives all round & this game continues. He too loves the groove – particularly the worm – who doesn’t?! But sometimes he gets stuck in the Pilates plank! All of our angels are precious & it’s so nice to retreat to their world every now & then when all that matters is a good drink & great tunes & of course a bear hug! Xo

    • I know – the hours can just pass so quickly just hanging out, can’t it. It would be kind of cool to be that age again, wouldn’t it. I think I’d quite like to have everyone in the room cheering me on and giving me high fives just for running from the couch to the dining table… 🙂

  3. Lovely post! Took me back to when my boys were that age – how quickly it all changes. They are, of course, still gorgeous but definitely more challenging! I absolutely sympathise with my mother-in-law – I know her mobile phone number, my husband always has to ask me what it is when he calls!!

  4. Love this and can definitely relate. I’m so head over heels in love with my 8 month old son it’s ridiculous. This is despite this morning him biting me (hard) on the nose with his two new teeth. Ouch! Then laughing gleefully! xx
    But don’t get me started on Mother-in-Laws…..ok too late…mine calls me on a regular basis to make sure her son isn’t “too tired”, “too stressed”, “eating properly” etc etc…x

    • It hurts quite a bit when someone bites your nose, doesn’t it!! But your little man can do no wrong in my book. 🙂
      We need to have a discussion about your M-I-L. I have come up with a cunning plan involving a dinner party, his Mum, your Mum, and some well thought through questions… You in? 🙂

  5. Hi Charlotte! Such a cute post, I love it when little ones dance, it’s so adorable and I agree that it’ll be hard when they fall in love. As women, we know what other women can be like! Let’s hope our boys end up with lovely girls who are lovely to us too!
    Emma x

  6. Your MIL thinks all the boys in your family are as special as all the girls. But the boys do have a different sort of charm – treasure those hugs! x

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