Back to work!

One afternoon last June I found myself watching my kiddliwinks attempt to do handstands onto the couch amid a pile of unfolded washing. On a whim I decided to get out my laptop and write about my nagging sense of dissatisfaction and my hankering to re-enter the paid workforce. I was feeling a bit glum, even though I knew I had much to be grateful for. After I had vented, I felt so much better. My heart was lighter, my spirit refreshed…

I emailed my reflections off to Hubby in an effort to explain how I felt in a somewhat more articulate fashion than I had the previous Friday evening while sobbing into my wine glass. Hubby liked it, and Charlotte’s Musings was born.

Of course, as I had stumbled onto this new and rather enjoyable hobby, I now had little time to look for a job. Plus, this method of taking the scramble of thoughts out of my head and putting them into actual words freed up so much of my mental energy that I became more inspired to do other things like grow vegetables and play tennis and swim laps. The folding still sits around for days on end, but one can’t expect miracles…

Somehow though, without me having to go to any effort whatsoever to seek it, I was recently offered a job. It has panned out just as I had dreamed: four days a week, with one of those being from home; in an industry I can get passionate about; working with people who seem pretty clever. And the icing on the cake – my new office is a 10 minute drive from home (and 5 minutes from my local pool).

I think it is going to be challenging and fun. I start at the end of the month, and I am excited!

But Hubby will still be working interstate three days a week. Plans must be made to ensure our household continues to function with some sense of calm and general happiness. Cleaners must be arranged, after school care organised, meals planned, schedules devised and followed with military precision. Change is afoot. And I’m a little bit nervous…

I have never done this before. I mean, I have been a Mum and worked before but never with three children. In fact, even when we had two we had a full time nanny. And that was before the pressure of school was added!

I know we will make sure our children continue to thrive and grow and learn and feel loved. But what about the other stuff?

Will Charlotte’s Musings survive this transition? Will my arm muscles simply wither away from lack of attention (i.e. of the exercise kind, not the bicep kissing kind)? Will the sweet corn we have been nurturing die a slow death from lack of water just as they teeter on the cusp of maturity? Will I be too distracted and frazzled at the end of each day to remember my new commitment to eat yoghurt for dessert instead of double chocolate chip ice cream with melted Nutella on top followed by two or three chocolate macadamia nuts?

Change is afoot.

I guess only time will tell…


10 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. As long as you attend to the signs your body, family, and heart will continue to reveal to you, your life will be grand, Charlotte. I’ve only followed you for a very short while, but I enjoy your writing very much – smart, generous, funny – good. Carry on!

  2. I understand the yogurt, but I’d go with the ice cream at least once a week! It may be the only thing that gets you by! I, too, reentered the workforce after a nice break at home with the kids. House is not as clean, laundry is always mountainous (either to be washed or folded), but the kids seem happy and in then end that’s what matters. My mom got me a plaque that reads “good mothers have laundry piles, dust bunnies and happy children.” Remember that!

  3. You’ll be great CR, i’m excited for you. I always find it helpful to keep in mind that if it’s not working out how you wanted to and you’re not happy….ditch it! xx

    • Thanks GG. I love your ever practical advice!! (kind of reminds me of “Don’t F#%* it up, pk!”) Also, thanks for sending this job my way. I would have been way too lazy to find a job otherwise… 🙂 xxx

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