Holidays can be fun after all!

I have written before about family holidays, and the fact that for the next five or so years ours will not be relaxing in any way. Zero chance of a sleep in, seemingly continual nappy changes, constant effort…

But I now admit I was wrong.

Holidays can be awesome.

This week we are staying in a kind of caravan park. Except it’s actually called a “resort” and the caravans are little eco houses with a kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a TV and DVD player, a deck, and an outdoor shower hidden among palm trees.

This is my kind of caravan park…

We have come here with some good friends who are staying in the cabin next door. They have three kids the same age as ours and we all really, really like each other. Each member of the family has a ready-made bestie for the week. I couldn’t be happier, and it is a rare and wonderful thing to see Hubby watch cricket with someone whose passion equals his own.

Bicycles and scooters litter the cul-de-sac outside, as do some chalk drawings that the kids worked on for hours yesterday morning. Our six year olds have made lots of friends, and they all ride their bikes together in a pack around the resort circuit.


Games of cricket and swims in the ocean are the order of the day. Every day. I find myself looking for opportunities to steal my daughter’s scooter and do laps around the resort myself. And yesterday, Hubby taught me how to bowl.

Our eldest daughter has impressive scabs on both her knees but still she rides confidently away, her chest swelling with pride at her newfound independence. Our three year old daughter looks forward to her afternoon trip to the pool, swimming further and further each day. And our 18 month old son reaches for the cricket bat every morning, yearning to play like the big boys.

Watching our little gang of six chat and giggle as they eat their dinner together every night make us (“the adults”) swell our own chests with pride. We created this.

And then, after they all go to bed, we get to eat scotch fillet steaks and drink red wine.

This is bliss.

Now, I’m off to organise today’s treasure hunt. Apparently our kids have invited their friends today, so I’ll need to buy more Wizz Fizz…

photo credit: shoe scraper of death via Photopin


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