Arm wrestle, anyone?

For the first time in approximately 37 years, I find myself the proud owner of muscles. Actual muscles. And I am quite chuffed…

In my formative years, I was a member of my school swimming club. I peaked at age 9 when I came second to Hayley Lewis in the 200 metre individual medley event at the zone swimming carnival. To be fair, there were only three swimmers in the race, and Hayley lapped us fairly early on. My swimming career went steadily downhill after that…

I have never been what you might call an athletic person. Aside from our early primary years in the swimming club, I don’t think my sisters or I were ever particularly encouraged in this regard. Our collective sporting prowess was limited to being quite good at table tennis, although admittedly we only ever played against each other.

But around October last year my Speedos came back out after a considerable hiatus. My baby making years were officially over, and I was on a mission to reclaim my body. Plus, a good friend of mine managed to complete her first ocean swim without getting eaten by a shark. So I decided to face my fears and do the same, and I LOVED it. I have been swimming laps three times a week ever since.

Which brings me back to my guns. All of a sudden and for the first time in my life, I have muscles that are visible to the naked eye: in my arms, my shoulders, even (according to Hubby) in my back. Who knew there even were muscles in the back? Not me…

My level of impressedness at this development is up there with my level of wonder at the way my body was able to successfully grow babies. I mean, that was pretty cool, but does it really compare with being able to tense my arm muscles and kiss my own bicep?

Hubby is not impressed by my newfound fascination with myself, and has likened me to a 14 year old boy. I can see his point. When you’re 37, muscle flexing and bicep kissing is probably unseemly, even if only in the comfort of your own home (or car, or backyard).

But I haven’t had muscles before, you see. And I never got to be a 14 year old boy. He did. Now it’s my turn. I will flex my new muscles as often as I see fit, dammit! And who knows? Tomorrow afternoon I might even skulk into my room, turn the music up loud, and read comics books…

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6 thoughts on “Arm wrestle, anyone?

  1. OMG – it had NEVER occurred to me to kiss my own bicep, in spite of how much I’m loving them as well! I just found myself surreptitiously flexing and seeing if I could reach it to kiss (while in the office on a quiet Monday morning) and then had to stop and look around to see if anyone was watching me!!

    You go girlfriend!!! (and am a little bit tickled to have made it into one of your blogs, assuming you don’t have any other swimming friends that have completed ocean swims that I dont know about!)

  2. Well done CR. Just a tip for when Fletcher is a teenager….it might not always be comic books he’s reading while skulking in his bedroom.
    I’m so jealous of the muscles….5 months after giving birth i still get asked “how long to go”. seriously.

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