Anne of Green Gables dilemma. Help needed…

We gave our gorgeous six year old daughter a beautiful hard covered copy of Anne of Green Gables for her birthday in February. For the last few months, I have been reading her a chapter every few nights. She loves it, and so do I. I get to use my otherwise neglected (lack of) dramatic talents. It’s kind of like singing lullabies. Nothing beats the feeling of giving a heartfelt rendition of Amazing Grace under the spotlight of the reading lamp in my girls’ room after lights out. It’s every talentless singer’s dream…

Anyway, as we were nearing the end of the book I asked my sister for her copy of the DVD so we could watch it after we finished – a reward of sorts for our diligent reading. Problem was, the DVD proved an irresistible temptation and we have already started watching (just a bit!).

I was surprised when our sensitive little soul started crying during the first scene of the movie even though we’d already read about it in the book. I think seeing the nastiness of Mrs Hammond on the screen was too much for her to bear. She cried again when the orphanage mix up became clear and Anne realised the Cuthberts actually wanted a boy. And again during the aftermath of Anne’s altercation with Rachel Lynde. And again when Anne accidentally died her hair green…?!

Our girl feels things keenly, and I love her all the more for that. But imagine my concern now that we’re up to the second last chapter of the book (Chapter 37) entitled: “Reaper whose name is Death”.

I always knew Matthew Cuthbert was going to die at the end. But with 38 chapters in the book it somehow seemed a long way off. I wasn’t even 100% convinced we’d make it this far…

Anne with sweet, sweet Matthew…

Unfortunately now we’ve watched the first part of the movie, our cherub has put a face to the name. And he’s her third favourite character after Anne herself and Anne’s bestie Diana. She loves Matthew! Of course she does – who wouldn’t? How will she cope with his loss? Regardless of how I cushion the blow, is she going to cry herself to sleep? What was I thinking?? It’s not like we haven’t spoken about death before, but never in the context of dear, sweet Matthew Cuthbert…

Tonight is Chapter 37 night, and I am unprepared. Bugger!

I will try to delay. In the meantime, any advice you can give would be most appreciated.

Also, I think I want to be Miss Stacy when I grow up, but that’s a whole other conversation…


4 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables dilemma. Help needed…

  1. That’s a tough one! But as you say it is very sweet that she expresses such feeling. I actually think I remember Matthew Cuthbert’s demise and i don’t recall it being easy, but the good thing is that i survived it and maybe it made Anne of Green Gables that little bit more special – laughter, tears, highs and lows! Could i reccomend a perhaps an expressionless read when you get to the really sad bits – the problem is you’ll have to contain your own tears and i’m thinking that might be just a little bit difficult. Good luck!

    • Thanks Liz. As it happens, I did get a bit choked up while reading. But I soldiered on. I read it to her last Friday morning so that she could come to terms with it well before bedtime and three full days before school started back. She cried, but together Hubby and I managed her through it. Me with cuddles and understanding; he with practical words of wisdom that only someone who doesn’t know Matthew Cuthbert from a bar of soap could deliver. We haven’t gotten to that bit in the DVD yet. Hubby is watching with us now – we had to start again from the beginning so he could be included. He loves it. Something tells me Maya won’t be the only one choking up when the dreaded scene rolls around… Xx

    • Thank you so much. This compliment would have brought a smile to my face regardless, but was even more special to see because I have just been reading your blog and loving it… You have made my day. 🙂

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