I think my Klout is in doubt…

I am no tech genius.

OK, that’s an outrageous understatement. In truth, I am possibly bordering on tech dunce. I have a Facebook account, but I’m not sure I really want one. And I have a Twitter account, but I have never used it. I don’t know what hashtags are, and I feel this is becoming slightly embarrassing because it sounds like they do something important. I have a Pinterest account (because we are planning to renovate). I am on LinkedIn (because at some point I will need to get an actual job). I also have an iPhone – I think that’s worth a mention. I mean, I know what an App is – I have even downloaded one or two. Plus, I have a blog. Very few readers, to be sure, but still…

The other day Hubby informed me with a guffaw that I could save a Word document as a pdf in Word. OK. Thanks. It’s possible that all the time I have spent printing my documents and scanning them back in again might have been put to better use boning up on the latest trends in technology. Googling “hashtag”, for example…

Anyway, that is a brief summary of my technological credentials. I think my “savvy” may be in need of a boost, but I can still function in society – for now.

I say “for now” because I read an article recently that had me wondering about the future. It was about a new online fashion store “Jasu” which for a two week launch period is only granting access to shoppers with a Klout score of more than 40. Huh? What?

I might be one of the few people who don’t know this, but your Klout score is apparently a measure of your influence on your social networks. Some algorithm determines how influential you are in your social sphere (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more) and you get assigned a number between 1 and 100. Go figure…

I saw an interview with the 13 year old founder and CEO who listed among their clients a number of hotels in Las Vegas which pull scores from the Klout system when their guests check in to determine whether or not to offer upgrades. Cathay Pacific has run a promotion offering the use of their business class lounge to passengers with a Klout score of 40 or more. And now, Jasu won’t even let you shop with them – won’t even let you pay lots of your own money for their stuff, unless you have “Klout”.

I may not be technologically savvy, but I didn’t realise the full extent of my general knowledge gap. For example: Isn’t a given amount of money worth the same amount regardless of whose it is? Has social media “Klout” replaced a kick-arse resume and great interview skills as the surest way of securing one’s dream job? And most importantly, is a sweet smile and some friendly banter with the staff at the check-in desk no longer sufficient to land an upgrade to business class? Bugger! Has the whole world gone mad??

Barack Obama has a score of 99, Julia Gillard 68. I think perhaps I might be sitting somewhere around 5 or 6. Who knows? Who even wants to know? Not me.

Based on today, my Klout score would be zero:

I walked my eldest daughter and her friend to school. I came home and baked chocolate chip biscuits with my two year old daughter. I hung out the washing. I watched Playschool. I played catch with my one year old son. We ate lunch. I read stories. I folded the washing. I caught up with a girlfriend on the phone. I had afternoon tea with my three kids and my Mum in our front yard. I chatted with our elderly neighbour. I scored approximately 59 handstands out of 10. I bathed my kids. I cooked dinner. We ate dinner and talked about our day. I read more stories. I tucked in and kissed goodnight. I paid some bills. And I wrote this.

And now happily, it has dawned on me. I may not have “Klout”, but I can’t help but smile when I realise I have influence where it matters most…


4 thoughts on “I think my Klout is in doubt…

  1. more savvy than me… I’ve no Klout, I don’t get being a “twit” and I struggled through pininterest.. I have my new smartphone as of yesterday and I have no idea how to use it and no time to read the manual. I could probably give it to my 6 yr old to master, but I think that is irresponsible!
    So charlotterose, feel empowered – I’m reading your blog and when someone mentions Klout to me I will know they are not talking about their clout – and I will pretend I know what is going on, just like I do with my cooking – speaking of which, I need to get my act together.

  2. Great Mum thinks you have Klout where it matters most. Those other people are only pretentious snobs. What is the world coming to!!!

  3. Yep, id be no chance with that type of Klout! Had never even heard of it! Anyway, what’s the use of “Klout” if youre so busy trying to reach 100 you end up with no clout with the people that matter to you! Mmm, chocolate chip bikkies…now that will give you clout! Xo

    • Hi DCShiraz,
      I totally agree, and I too had thought chocolate chip bikkies would be just the thing to engender a little clout. Unfortunately, Miss M and Miss A conspired to climb up to the pantry and snaffle them (just before dinner!) despite being specifically told not to. I fear I have neither Klout nor clout…
      They did taste amazing though.

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